Pokémon Festa reveals new Platinum trailer

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More animated sprites show
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  • Saturday, August 9, 2008

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A new video for Pokémon Platinum debuted at Pokémon Festa this week. While the video reuses footage from previous trailers, new footage revealed the following:

  • Footage from the new Battle Frontier, including a stage with some sort of random stadium and what appears to be the Battle Factory. There is also some sort of castle-like battling arena and a Contest-esque runaway featuring a Lucario display overhead.
  • The Global Trade Station is seen with teleporters leading to two separate rooms. The Wi-Fi game room is also revealed, displaying several games — one in which a Mime Jr. is controlled on a circus ball via touch screen and the previously revealed Swalot game.
  • Lucas is seen in a Piplup-themed boat in an unknown location.
  • Giratina is shown with footage of its summoning to Spear Pillar.
  • Dawn is shown with a Piplup following her, perhaps in Amity Square.
  • Croagunk's animated back sprite is revealed.
  • Viewers see for the first time that in Platinum, prior to battling a Gym Leader, the animated strip now says VS.
  • A double battle featuring Lucas and Pearl versus Volkner and Flint, who now have animated sprites.
  • Finally, footage of Lucas using Waterfall to reach the Pokémon League is shown. The new building looks slightly orange in tint, and Waterfall appears to move faster than shown in Diamond and Pearl.