Pokémon GO panel at SDCC reveals team leaders, more

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Hanke teases undiscovered Easter eggs
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  • Tuesday, July 26, 2016
  • Reported on Bulbanews by SnorlaxMonster
    Originally reported on San Diego ComicCon panel

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Team leaders

A Pokémon GO panel at San Diego Comic-Con featuring Niantic CEO John Hanke has revealed some tidbits about the game.

Most notably, the panel revealed the designs of the leaders of each of the three team leaders in the game. Currently, only their silhouettes appear in the games. Hanke hinted that the reason for this was that the team leaders' designs were not ready when the game was released.

As he has stated in recent interviews, Hanke reiterated that trading is currently being worked on, and the next feature Niantic intends to add to the game. However, he also mentioned that they didn't want to add it to the game until the servers could handle it.

Hanke mentioned that Niantic is considering enhancements for PokéStops in the same vein as Lure Modules. One example he gave was turning PokéStops into Pokémon Centers.

Additionally, Hanke confirmed that it is possible to influence Eevee's evolution using its nickname, but did not elaborate on how. Fans had already discovered that nicknaming Eevee after the Eevee brothers will cause it to evolve into the corresponding evolution, but Niantic had not previously acknowledged this.

Hanke also hinted that there are other Easter eggs in the games that players had not yet discovered.

Contrary to rumors beforehand, no special Pokémon were available at the panel.

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