Pokémon GO to have Equinox event

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To run Sept. 22 to Oct. 2
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  • Thursday, September 21, 2017

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To celebrate the equinox, Pokémon GO will be running a special in-game event from Sept. 22 (1 pm PDT) to Oct. 2, 2017 (1 pm PDT).

During the event, players will earn double Stardust for catching Pokémon and hatching Eggs. Additionally, players can find special 2 km Eggs by spinning the Photo Disc at PokéStops and Gyms that can hatch into Chansey, Mareep, Larvitar, and more. Registering a new Pokémon in the Pokédex during this event will earn triple the normal XP.

Furthermore, special boxes will be available from the in-game PokéCoin shop that contain items such as Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, and Super Incubators. Super Incubators are special Incubators which have not been available before that hatch Eggs 1.5 times as fast.