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Global Battle Union enters second season
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  • Thursday, June 30, 2011

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After extended maintenance, the Pokémon Global Link has been updated.

In the Pokémon Dream World, players can now unlock a fifth row of Berry patches if they have 3600 or more Dream Points. Players can now have up to 20 Dream Pals, whereas the previous limit was 10.

The Global Battle Union enters season two. Season two will run from June 29 to September 27. The results of season one will be posted on the Global Battle Union page on July 13. To be included in the rankings of a season, players must have participated in at least ten battles that season. The top 100 Trainers in the season's overall ranking will receive special avatars for use on Pokémon Global Link.

Global Battle Union schedule for 2011
Season Start date End date
Season 1 April 13, 2011 (Wednesday) June 28, 2011 (Tuesday)
Season 2 June 29, 2011 (Wednesday) September 27, 2011 (Tuesday)
Season 3 September 28, 2011 (Wednesday) December 27, 2011 (Tuesday)
Season 4 December 28, 2011 (Wednesday) March 27, 2012 (Tuesday)