Pokémon Platinum insert includes mysterious codes

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Game insert reveals Rotom's new forms
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  • Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Rotom and its forms

Each Pokémon Platinum game box will include an insert featuring one of Rotom's new forms. A code on the insert can be entered at an official Rotom Web page (when the page opens), but it is still unknown what the codes will unlock.

It is unknown when the Secret Key — the item needed to change Rotom's form — will be distributed, but the insert includes instructions for downloading the item as a Mystery Gift via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Those who have obtained the game ahead of its Sunday release have revealed these codes to be entered on the Web page when it opens:

  • Mow Rotom: 7W6O3M5
  • Wash Rotom: H8S3A5W
  • Frost Rotom: 6TS8ORF
  • Fan Rotom: 9N4A4F8
  • Heat Rotom: T8A6EH7

Pictures of the insert can be found at The PKM Database and Filb.de (links below).