Pokémon Rumble U trailer has been released

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Official site unveils some localizations
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  • Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Pokémon Rumble U artwork

There is now an official Pokémon Rumble U website, which has revealed some localisations for the game. Recently it was revealed that Sparkling Amusement Park is now Sparkly Playground, Mystery Forest is now Mysterious Forest, Pokémon Shop is now Toy Shop, and Blue Sky Park kept its Japanese name. Sparkly Playground's Wonder Area and Dream Gate keep their Japanese names. Mysterious Forest's Green Plaza was changed to Verdant Plaza. Toy Shop's Figure Collection is now Toy Collection. Nintendo Direct revealed that Flower Garden keeps its Japanese name.

In Wonder Area, the area names were revealed to be "Go Big or Go Home!", "Pokémon Outbreak!", and "Haunted Playland". In Dream Gate, the area names are "Wet and Wild Battle" and "Flame Dance". Verdant Plaza's second area name is "Battle Royale", which is also its Japanese name. In Flower Garden, the first area name is "Festival on Mount Moon".

Along with the Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Torchic, Piplup, Lucario, Victini, Eevee, Mewtwo, Croagunk, Zoroark, Litwick, and Genesect NFC Figures, the official site revealed that there will also be secret NFC Figures as well. 18 NFC Figures will be available at GameStop stores in the US when Rumble U launches on Aug. 29. Information regarding the NFC Figures for Europe is still unknown at this time.

The official US Pokémon YouTube channel has released a trailer for Pokémon Rumble U.

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