Pokémon Safari, Manaphy available in Pokémon Shuffle

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Mega Manectric Competitive Stage coming soon
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  • Monday, June 22, 2015

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The v1.2.4 patch for Pokémon Shuffle has been released, adding a Manaphy special stage and a new version of the Pokémon Safari.

The Manaphy special stage was released to celebrate Pokémon Shuffle reaching 4.5 million downloads. The stage will be available until July 7, 2015. Manaphy's stage is limited to 12 moves, and rewards 1000 Coins upon clearing it for the first time.

The new Pokémon Safari stage functions just like the old Pokémon Safari stage, but features different Pokémon. This stage features Stantler, Electrike, Manectric, Darumaka, and Darmanitan (Standard Mode). The stage will be available until July 7, 2015. Unlike other stages, when playing in the Pokémon Safari the player will battle one of 5 possible Pokémon, decided randomly. Due to this, the Optimize button is unavailable for this stage. The player receives a first clear bonus for the first time they defeat each Pokémon, not just the first time they clear the stage at all. Additionally, the player can only bring 3 Support Pokémon into this stage.

In addition, from a new Competitive Stage featuring Mega Manectric will run in Pokémon Shuffle from June 29 to July 6, 2015. On this stage, players will deal as much damage to a Mega Manetric within the time limit, with players placing above a fixed position in their region winning a Manectite.

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