Pokémon Special in Shō5, December 2005 issue

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"I... love you......"
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  • Friday, November 4, 2005

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The story until now

Ruby, having drilled Adan on the question of why the Orbs entered him and Sapphire, discovers the true purpose of the special training they are receiving from Adan. It is to discipline their spirit, in order to prevent their souls from being consumed when using the Orbs. Having completed this training without problems, as Ruby and Sapphire prepare to depart Maboroshijima, Sapphire suddenly has something to tell Ruby...


I... love you......

Sapphire confesses her love for Ruby. Ruby seems unphased, for the moment... Meanwhile, time has completely synchronised (Maboroshijima is in a pocket of time isolated from the outside world), and Adan, at the centre of Maboroshijima, orders Kingdra to signal Ruby and Sapphire, who are on the edge.

Adan tells Ruby that they look like they've flown off well. He believes that they will be fine for a while more, but advises them to be careful so as to not get caught in the toki no hazama (interval of time) (the barrier between Maboroshijima and the outside world). Since he can monitor them to some degree from the island, Adan will let them know whenever there is danger -- he, Fū and Ran are staying, and he intends to navigate them until they reach the outside world safely.

Sapphire apologises for telling him such a strange thing at this time, but she thought she had better do it now. She recalls Ruby saying that he intends to return to Johto sometime.

After I conquer the Contests, I'm thinking of going back to Johto. It's too rural for me to live here...

Sapphire realises that she only has a while more to be with him. The thought of it pained her heart, and that was when she first realised that... she had come to like Ruby.

At first I thought you were an disgusting fellow. No manners, putting on airs, rebellious, liar. A snob, an all-talk no-substance boy.

But she found that as she battled with him, she found more and more of his good points, and came to think that his strength was real.

The truth is... there was once a person I had liked before.
From when I was very little, a boy who I had lived with for just a few days. I don't remember his face or name, but what is clear is...

The boy had protected her from a Bohmander, and in so doing had a massive injury to his head. Now Ruby is shocked. She had told him before at Himawaki (in the April 2005 issue of Shō6), that there is a person who she admires. It is that boy. She thought about him for years and years -- she liked him that much. It was his influence that led her to take Pokémon battling to an extreme.

Do you know? Dad told me that there was an amazing trainer who had beaten the Pokémon League at age 11.
And so let's become as strong before we turn 11. And then... hehe ... we'll be more amazing than that person, won't we!

But as she helped her father with his field work, in the blink of an eye her 11th birthday drew close. The day Sapphire met Ruby in that cave... was 80 days before her birthday. Even though she thought such a short timespan was probably unreasonable, when she thought of that boy's words, she wanted to at least have conquered the prerequisite for participating in the Pokémon League - conquering the Gyms before she turned 11.

The time period is 80 days!!

Setting her own birthday as the goal, she made a bet with Ruby. Now she feels really glad that she made that bet -- due to that, she got to see the good points of Ruby.

I like the you that battles with Pokémon.
I like the you that grooms Pokémon.
I like your kindness even though your feelings are hidden under the airs you put on.
Having decided on something, you push ahead without getting lost; all of it, I like all of it.
フフ… 不思議やね。あれほど好きやった思い出の男の子より、今ではあんたの方が心の中いっぱいにしてるんやけ。
Haha... it's strange, isn't it. I like you so much, that now it is you, rather than that boy I remember, who fills my heart.

Sapphire is happy that she has conveyed her feelings. But she has just one wish, if it would come true...

Stay here.
Don't go far away after this battle ends. I want you to relive Hoenn, and fully, fully know its goodness. So... yeah?
.....Shall we go back to Mishiro... together?

Meanwhile, on the island, Ran notes that the synchronisation of time with the outside world is unstable. Adan recalls that the same thing happened when he took Ruby to Maboroshijima, and for that reason he thought of staying there to navigate for them. He tells Ruby to be careful, for if they fall into the interval of time, they won't reach the final battlegrounds. They make it out, and are sighted by former Champion Daigo and current Champion Mikuri, who are riding on Registeel. They have arrived at Rune City.

Ruby asks Sapphire if she could remove the Red Orb from her body. He then informs his teacher, Mikuri, that he will be borrowing his aircar. He had seen Mikuri entering the remote control code into the PokéGear before and has remembered the code. He takes the Red Orb off Sapphire...

What are you going to do with the aircar?

Ruby pushes Sapphire, Plusle and Minun off the back of her Tropius, and she lands in Mikuri's aircar. Ruby then seals the aircar, trapping Sapphire inside.

なして!? なしてこんなことすっと!?
Why!? Why'd you do this!?
"Why?"..., ... because I have heard your feelings... ... And.

Sapphire takes off his white hat-wig, revealing the spitting image of his father Senri... and a large scar, from some sort of clawing.

Because I also love you.
From when I was small, for a long, long time... I had thought of you.
It is Sapphire's turn to be shocked.
だから… キミを連れてはいけない。
So... I can't take you with me.
As for Kyogre and Groudon, I'll battle them alone!!

To be continued in the January issue of the Shōgakukan 5th-grader magazine.