Pokémon Sun & Moon Planetarium to air in Japanese planetariums

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To air this year
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  • Thursday, August 17, 2017

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A new Pokémon-based planetarium special, Pokémon Sun & Moon Planetarium, will be screened at planetariums and museums in Japan this year. The special runs for 29 minutes and focuses on an eclipse.

The exact date it will start airing at each planetarium and museum varies. Some known dates are listed below.

This is the sixth Pokémon planetarium special, the most recent being 2014's Celestial Debris. These specials are screened exclusively at planetariums and museums in Japan, and are used to educate children about astronomy.


Tomorrow is a very rare day, the day of a total solar eclipse. If we miss this chance, there won't be another eclipse visible in Alola for over 300 years. Hearing of this eclipse, Ash and his pals, along with Sophocles, head to Eclipse Island which is in the center of the eclipse's path! There, they meet Fred, an "Eclipse Hunter" who travels the world to see eclipses, and they decide to watch the eclipse together with him. However, when the day arrives, the sky is filled with clouds... Ash and his pals realize that they'll be able to watch the eclipse for sure if they're above the clouds, so they head to the summit of a mountain. Meanwhile, Team Rocket have also snuck out of Bewear's nest, to catch a rare Pokémon said to appear during eclipses. Team Rocket decide to try and catch Pikachu as well, and block the way of Ash and his pals as they try to hurry to the summit! While everyone is busy, the eclipse has already started! Will Ash and his pals be able to watch the eclipse?!

With your Full-Force, don't miss it! The "Moment of Wonder" performed by the Sun and Moon

Thanks to Bluesun for the translation.