Pokémon Sword, Shield trailer reveals Galarian forms, Morpeko, Team Yell

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Also reveals two new rivals
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  • Wednesday, August 7, 2019

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A new Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer has been released, revealing new Pokémon, regional variants, characters, and Poké Jobs.

The Galar region has regional variants known as Galarian forms. Three Galarian forms have been revealed.

Galarian Weezing is a Poison/Fairy-type Pokémon that can have either Levitate or an unrevealed Ability as its Ability. Galarian Weezing consumes polluted air and poisonous gases for sustenance, producing purified air in the process, which it spews out from the tops of its heads. The toxins accumulated within Weezing's body form into concentrated poison gas clouds that leak out and drift around it. This gas is so potent that even a whiff is enough to stun and immobilize an opponent.

Galarian Zigzagoon is a Dark/Normal-type Pokémon that has the Abilities Gluttony and Pickup. Galarian Zigzagoon never settle down, often charging at people and Pokémon in an attempt to start a fight. Galarian Zigzagoon are considered the oldest branch of the species; the zigzag movements of the Zigzagoon in other regions are said to stem from the Galarian form's restless nature. It evolves into Galarian Linoone.

Galarian Linoone is a Dark/Normal-type Pokémon that has the Abilities Gluttony and Pickup. Galarian Linoone can reach speeds of over 60 miles per hour (100 km per hour). With enough destructive force to knock away a car, it can throw itself off-balance if its high-speed attacks miss. Galarian Linoone are rash and fearless and will recklessly pick fights even with opponents stronger than themselves. Unlike Linoone in other regions, Galarian Linoone can evolve into Obstagoon.

Obstagoon is a new Dark/Normal-type Pokémon that has the Abilities Reckless and Guts. The Linoone of the Galar region live in harsh conditions and engage in fierce competition with others of their species, causing them to develop this evolution. Though Obstagoon is extremely combative, it often does not launch the first attack, instead taunting the opponent; when the opponent responds with an attack, Obstagoon crosses its arms and meets the oncoming attack with its Obstruct move.

Morpeko is a new Electric/Dark-type Pokémon that has the Ability Hunger Switch. It has two distinct forms: Normally it is in its Full Belly Mode, but if it becomes hungry it changes to Hangry Mode. In Full Belly Mode, its fur is yellow and its signature move Aura Wheel is Electric-type; in Hangry Mode, its fur is purple and Aura Wheel is Dark-type. In the games, it changes form every turn.

Two new rivals for the player have been revealed, in addition to the previously known rival Hop.

Bede is one of the player's rivals. He is aiming to become Champion, but is said to have other objectives as well.

Marnie is one of the player's rivals. She is aiming to become Champion with the help of her partner Morpeko in order to accomplish a certain goal. She has many passionate fans due to her calm, calculated battle strategies.

Team Yell are passionate fans of Marnie who want nothing more than Marnie to become Champion. They attempt to obstruct other people attempting the Gym Challenge, including the player. They take over hotel lobbies, block transportation, and shout to distract Trainers in battle. Whenever Marnie battles, Team Yell Grunts are quick to appear, showing their support with Marnie-print towels and also horns.

Rotomi can be found in every Pokémon Center. Rotomi allows the player to access their Boxes, participate in Loto-ID, and accept Poké Jobs.

In the Galar region, corporations and universities request the help of Pokémon with Poké Jobs. The player can check available Poké Jobs at a Rotomi. The player can send Pokémon from their Boxes to perform Poké Jobs. Certain Pokémon types are suited for specific jobs. Pokémon sent on Poké Jobs receive experience or base points. Helping out for a long time or sending as many Pokémon as possible on a job can yield good results; the player can even receive rare items.



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