Pokémon USA announces English Diamond, Pearl release, Manaphy mission and movie

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Manaphy code to be revealed later this month
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  • Friday, December 15, 2006
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Argy

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Pokémon USA announced the English release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for April 22, 2007 today. In addition to some gameplay details and screenshots, it was announced that the code to obtain Manaphy in Pokémon Ranger will be revealed this month.

Details on the games' release are limited. No logos were provided, and the name of the first town, Futaba Town, was kept in Japanese with a disclaimer that names were tentative. This suggests the games are still in the preliminary translation stages.

One page contained screenshots of the games' overworld and basic gameplay information and showed art of the main characters, but did not name them. The next page featured Munchlax and Weavile, provided battle screenshots and revealed new abilities.

"Munchlax has a new unique move called Gulp which recovers strength!" the page said. "Weavile attacks with Revenge! Although not much is known about this new attack, it looks effective!"

In addition to the announcement of Diamond and Pearl, Manaphy, its connection to Pokémon Ranger and the ninth movie, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, were revealed.

Actual details on how to obtain Manaphy will become available this month, according to the page. It confirmed that the special mission will be accessed via a code. A screenshot provided gave some hints.

Top screen:
To: Sinnoh Region Pokémon Trainers

I have a Manaphy Egg under my care.
I am seeking a trainer willing to raise it.
If you're the one, please link with Pokémon Ranger and send your application No.
From: Fiore Region Pokémon Ranger

Bottom screen
A send message button with the Nintendo DS wireless logo. This feature was in Ranger Net.