Pokémon USA launch Internet Safety Program

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Pokémon Learning League to be used in Virginia schools
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  • Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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Pokémon USA has teamed up with the Virginia Department of Education to provide administrators, teachers and parents with resources to help them teach students how to stay safe online. This will take effect as an expansion of the lessons already available on Pokémon Learning League.

Last year, Virginia became the first American state to mandate public schools to teach Internet safety. To help schools and districts take a step toward meeting this goal, officials with the Department of Education collaborated with the Pokemon Learning League team to teach students essential skills in online safely. Comprised of interactive lessons, teacher's guides, and other materials, the "Internet Safety Program" is designed towards elementary grade students. More than 4,000 students will start piloting the program in January 2008.

"Educators are looking for ways to provide students with Internet access while protecting them from inappropriate material and online predators," said Yves Saada, vice president of interactive media for Pokémon USA. "Virginia has taken the lead in this charge, and we are happy to have the opportunity to work with the state to offer a program that teaches critical life lessons about Internet safety in a non-threatening way that is accessible to students."

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