Pokémon Winter Festival prizes and Quick Balls distribution announced

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New locations and dates for the Slippery Wobbuffet Tretta event unveiled
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  • Saturday, December 21, 2013

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The official Japanese website recently announced several prizes and events that will be featured at the Pokémon Winter Festival. Those who go to the Pokémon Winter Festival in Nagashima Spa Land on January 2nd-5th, can win various prizes and can download 12 Quick Balls if they bring a copy of Pokémon X or Y.

Attendees can attempt the Pokémon Stamp Rally for free, and those who compete in it will get a Pokémon Adventure Camp Original Pikachu Sun Visor, and those who complete it will enter a lottery to win a copy of Pokémon X or Y. Those who attend can also enter the Pokémon Adventure Camp Fun Marowak's Lottery, where they can win tickets for a future visit, plus toys of the XY starters, and exclusive Pokémon Adventure Camp Notepads. Visitors can only enter the lottery once per visit.

Additionally, the next set of locations for the slippery Wobbuffet Tretta event have been announced. Wobbuffet will be available at the following locations/dates: 20th-26th Jan: Pokémon Center Sapporo, Nagoya 29th Jan-2nd Feb: Pokémon Center Tokyo, Yokohama 5th-9th Feb: Pokémon Center Touhoku, Fukuoka 12th-16th Feb: Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay, Osaka

Thanks to Bluesun for the translations.


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