Pokémon XD glitch discovered

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First known major glitch of new GameCube game
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  • Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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The first known major Pokémon XD glitch was discovered this week, adding hassle to players trying to save at Mt. Battle.

The glitch occurs when a player reaches the end of an area after battling the area leader and attempts to save the game then quit while in a rest house. When the game is continued, the player will not be allowed to continue to the next area, being told that he or she can only continue if he or she has cleared all the preceding areas, regardless that the player has already cleared such areas.

Players experiencing this glitch retain any PokéCoupons they won in previous areas, and returning to the last area leader defeated will result in the leader saying what he or she said at the end of the last battle.

The only known option for players is to have the rest house's Abra teleport them back to the main Mt. Battle counter, where players will be required to complete the last area again before continuing.

The glitch did not occur in Pokémon Colosseum because players could only save at Pokémon Centers.

As a preventative measure, players in Mt. Battle are advised to teleport back to the main Mt. Battle counter before saving and quitting.

It is unknown whether this glitch affects versions of Pokémon XD released outside North America.