Pokémon X and Y demo unveils title screen, various game elements

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Completion Strategy Guide, Story Guide, Kalos Pokédex Guide have been announced
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  • Saturday, August 17, 2013
  • Reported on Bulbanews by G50

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At the Pokémon Game Show event in Japan, a Pokémon X and Y demo unveiled the games' title screen and various elements from the game. Fire-type is confirmed to be resistant to Fairy-type attacks. Fairy types take neutral damage from Fire-type attacks.

A move screen shows a Mega Evolution button, which can be used to Mega Evolve the player's Pokémon. This is displayed when the Pokémon is holding one Mega Stone that it needs to evolve. Pokémon can use a move on the same turn as Mega Evolving.

When the player talks with Professor Sycamore during a certain point in the game, the Professor will challenge them to a battle. The player is given a Mewtwo, which Mega Evolves into Mega Mewtwo. The player then faces Crobat, Dragonite, and Chandelure. There were several displays at the event, showing different Mega Evolution Pokémon, other Pokémon from Pokémon X and Y, and statues of Xerneas and Yveltal. Sylveon is shown to have the moves Tail Whip, Fairy Wind, Quick Attack and Swift and the Ability Cute Charm. Froakie has the moves Water Pulse, Round, Quick Attack and Lick. Fennekin has the moves Psybeam, Fire Spin, Tail Whip and Flame Charge. Helioptile knows the moves Tail Whip, Thundershock, Quick Attack and Parabolic Charge.

In one shot, the player is shown riding a Rhyhorn, while in a different shot they are riding a Skiddo. Battle scenes were shown, with Mega Mewtwo facing Chandelure, and the player facing Crobat. A battle screen is shown with the player facing their rival. A time limit is mentioned in one of the shots where the player is speaking to their rival. The player can kneel down to a Pokémon and talk to them, with the example of talking to a Marill shown.

New information about Pokémon-Amie was shown. There are three options to choose from for the Pokémon: play, hunger, and friendliness, there is a display screen showing the different options. In one example, Froakie is being fed the new food item called Pofure 「ポフレ」.

The Completion Strategy Guide, Story Guide, Kalos Pokédex Guide have been announced. The Completion Strategy Guide is 262 pages long and it is not known when it will be released. The Story Guide is 600 pages long and will be released in Nov. The Kalos Pokédex Guide is 800 pages long and will be released in Dec.

Video from the event