Pokémon anime going strong in India

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Up to 57.1 million viewers for Hungama TV airings
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  • Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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Pokémon on Hungama TV

Dream Theatre, the licensing agency for the series in India, has announced that the Hungama TV airings of Pokémon anime have been doing very well in India.

The Pokémon anime debuted on Hungama TV with Pokémon: Indigo League in May of 2014 with a new Hindi dub cast. Since its premiere, the respective time-slot consistently ranked on top among all kids and younger boys. The channel also observed an increase of 15% in total viewership. Furthermore, the anime has been getting an average audience of 57.1 million viewers, 24.2 million of which are children.

In addition to sales of the anime to Hungama TV, Dream Theatre plans to license and produce products for Pokémon in India and South Asia. On a related note, the company intends to sell Pokémon toys, dolls, apparel, and school supplies from January 2015.


I'm very happy that our excitement and passion towards Pokémon is shared at Hungama TV. I hope this new development will bring new popularity to Pokémon. I'm excited to think that this could bring back the Pokémon phenomenon in the Indian market, and grows into a property which is loved for a long time.
  -- Jiggy George, CEO and founder of Dream Theatre  
Fun, adventure, sportsmanship, friendship--Pokémon is filled with elements that children love, and is a perfect fit for the theme that Hungama TV desires. The viewership of the Pokémon series is astounding, and its success proves that its wonderful content full of fun elements can still excite children even today. I'm very glad to work together with Dream Theatre to bring this series with worldwide popularity to our channel.
  -- Devika Prabhu, media network programming director at Disney India  
We chose Dream Theatre as a partner to relaunch Pokémon because they are deeply familiar with the Indian market, and are very willing to take on challenges. I'm very glad to hear that they have been able to capture the hearts of children by working through the steps of rebranding the series together with Hungama TV. I hope that together we can firmly establish the value of the brand in India.
  -- Kenjirou Itou, executive corporate officer at the Pokémon Company  

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