Pokémon anime viewed by nearly 100 million in India

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  • Saturday, December 6, 2014

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Hungama TV, the channel that relaunched the Pokémon anime in India, has stated that the show in its relaunch week garnered 489 TVTs and ranked number one in total TV among all kids in Hindi speaking market (HSM) during its prime play time slot. Moreover, since its launch in May 2014 to date, it has ranked number one in total TV among all kids in HSM and has reached out to 96.9 million individuals (ages 4+) out of which only 32.9 million are kids (ages 4-14) in all India. The series has aired continuously every weekday at 1 pm, and thus the channel has aired Season 1 & 2, and is airing Season 3 currently.

Dream Theatre plans to license and produce products for Pokémon in India and South Asia. On a related note, the company intends to sell Pokémon toys, dolls, apparel, and school supplies from January 2015.

Cartoon Network, the channel that originally launched Pokémon in India in 2003, is continuing with new seasons of Pokémon; it has aired til the fourteenth season.

For more information on the series in India, see Pokémon in South Asia.