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151 artists, 151 works of art
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  • Monday, August 20, 2012

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Art exhibitions are often a one-time-only experience. It is often the case that if you miss the brief window of opportunity, you may never see the art again. But we live in a digital world, which means that art can be more accessible than ever.

Those of you who live around Minneapolis may have had the extreme pleasure of attending the recent Pokémon Battle Royale exhibition in person. The show, curated by Alyssa Nassner and Bryan Ische, invited 151 artists to draw each of the first 151 Pokémon in National Dex order. Their original and unique creations were displayed at the Light Gray Art Lab in April and May.

Although the physical exhibition is now over, the show continues online. All 151 works of art have been published online at pokemonbattleroyale.tumblr.com. This means that Pokémon fans and art lovers the world over can now enjoy Pokémon Battle Royale's diverse range of art at their leisure, no matter where they live.

Each of the portraits has been painted, drawn, or sketched by a different artist, meaning the collection contains more styles than most people can name. Some of the art is highly interpretative, and may require background knowledge of the franchise. Others are more straightforward. Still more are parodies of known forms. My personal favorite is Ian Gorton's Farfetch'd. Delicious.

While most works of art are independently composed, there has been collaboration between artists in some cases. Take a look at Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Most of the artists have links to their personal webpages or blogs next to their art, so if you like their style, you may want to check out the rest of their portfolio.

Some are cute. Some are scary. Some are simple. Some are complex. All of them are truly creative and original. Catch the online Pokémon Battle Royale while you can.

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