Pokémon train pass released in Japan

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JR East teams up with Nintendo to offer the Pokémon Suica card
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  • Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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The Suica Pass.

Japanese train company JR East has teamed up with Nintendo to offer the Pokémon Suica card. Standing for Super Urban Intelligent Card, Suica is a RFID e-money train pass. Commuters press Suica cards on the ticket wicket reader, and the train fare is charged to their accounts.

To encourage children to use the cards in lieu of traditional magnetic train passes, a special Pokémon Suica card will be offered. The card can also be used for products at the Pokémon Center in Yokohama and to reach the JR Pokemon Stamp Rally.

The original Pokémon design Suica card will be unveiled this July.