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Pokeani gives an overview of progress on the next movie
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  • Sunday, November 27, 2005

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The ninth Pokémon movie is expected to be released in Japan during the summer of 2006. This means that work on the movie is already underway, as Pokeani has summarised:

The screenplay is being written by Hideki Sonoda, and according to his blog, it is entering its final stage after taking about nine months to write.

The lead animation director is Mōri Kazuaki, and according to his homepage, the trailer has been made to be a part of the end-of-year commercials for the movies made by the Tōhō group. From his page, it seems that work on the movie itself has begun earlier than normal.

In an interview with Yuyama Kunihiko on the November 27 Pokémon Sunday, he visited Italy in order to strengthen his vision of 漂流神殿 - "drifting temple" - and visited the ruins of Rome, as well as the cobalt blue city of Naples. According to Mr. Yuyama, a clear vision of the movie is already ready.

So the current situation of the movie is established as this:

  • The screenplay and storyboard is almost complete.
  • A movie trailer will be broadcast with the other end-of-year Tōhō movie commercials.
  • The stage this time has Rome as the motif, possibly with a city like Naples.
  • The vision of a "drifting temple" suggests the ruins of Rome as the motif.
  • A possible link with link with Pokémon Ranger, as hinted by Coro Coro earlier in the year.
  • A summer 2006 release, possibly in July.

The first trailer is expected to be released within the next couple of weeks.