Quick Balls, Sylveon distributions announced for South Korea

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Sylveon will be level 10, have the Ability Cute Charm
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  • Saturday, November 16, 2013

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Quick Ball

Following the 'Advance Screening Pokémon' contest that was held from Oct. 24 until Nov. 12, the official Korean M16 website has announced what the event distribution will be for the new movie that will be released in January 2014.

Sylveon will be distributed to those who pre-order tickets to see the movie. It will be level 10 and have the Ability Cute Charm. It has the OT of 이브이하우스 (Eevee House) It will be distributed to the Pokémon X and Y games. On Nov. 20 and Nov. 28, other details about Sylveon will be unveiled including its Ribbon, item, and its moveset. The distribution method is unknown, though it is likely to be via Infrared.

Players who purchase the Pokémon X and Y games at Toys R US and Daewon offline and online stores after Dec. 1 will receive a card with a serial code to be able to receive Quick Balls as a gift. They will be obtainable via Wi-Fi. The serial code will be valid from Dec. 1 until Feb. 28, 2014.

Players who purchase a Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon X and Y games will receive a free figure of the legendary mascot of the game that they purchased. The Yveltal and Xerneas figures will be available from Dec. 1 until stores run out of figures. They will be available at E-Mart, Toys R US and Daewon offline and online stores.


Thanks to Mintaka for the translations.