Rotom to be distributed from Tretta machines

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Requires filling meter on machine with StreetPasses
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  • Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Rotom will be distributed from Pokémon Tretta machines in Japan. It will be available from Oct. 15, 2014 until the end of the Search! Strongest Friends set's availability. This Rotom is level 10, in a Cherish Ball, and has the moves Shock Wave, Astonish, Trick and Thunder Wave. The Rotom is not in one of its appliance forms. It has the original Trainer 「トレッタ」 Tretta.

Only Tretta machines with a blue communications symbol in the top right of the Search! Strongest Friends set screen can distribute this Rotom. If the machine has communications enabled, each time it StreetPasses a Nintendo 3DS the gauge on the machine will fill more; playing Pokémon Tretta allows the machine to StreetPass the same Nintendo 3DS system again. StreetPassing Nintendo 3DS systems that have a Pokémon game inserted cause the gauge to increase faster. When the gauge is full, Rotom will be 'lured' out; while Rotom is lured, the player can download it using Mystery Gift in Pokémon X and Y. Around ten minutes after Rotom is lured, it will hide in the machine again.