Shaymin special stage released in Pokémon Shuffle

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Free Complexity -1 for all players
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  • Monday, May 25, 2015

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The v1.1.14 patch for Pokémon Shuffle has been released. It adds a Shaymin special stage, gives players a free Complexity -1, and awards the prizes from the Mega Lucario Competitive stage.

To celebrate Pokémon Shuffle reaching 4 million downloads, a special stage featuring Shaymin has been released. The stage will be available until July 15, 2015.

Additionally, this patch updates the description of the Complexity -1 to clarify its function. To promote this update, all players will receive a free Complexity -1 upon updating.

Furthermore, prizes for the Mega Lucario Competitive Stage have been sent out. Players who placed in their region receive a Lucarionite, or 2 Jewels if they already have one from the previous competition. Players who did not place but participated receive 1 Jewel.