Shaymin to be distributed in Europe

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Giving away Shaymin in April
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  • Friday, March 27, 2009
  • Reported on Bulbanews by Tc26

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Shaymin in Land Forme

With Pokémon Platinum hitting European shelves on May 22, some locations in Europe will be giving away Shaymin in April. Like all other Shaymin given away before in Japan and the United States, these Shaymin will be able to unlock the Gracidea Flower in Floaroma Town in Platinum.

From April 4-18, participating GAME stores in the UK will be giving away Shaymin. There will also be events like face painting, getting Pokémon balloons and meeting Pokémon characters. Spanish fans will be able to download Shaymin starting April 15 at participating GAME stores as well. In Germany, Shaymin will be given away at ten McDonald's restaurants from April 25-May 17, each restaurant for one day.

Like the other Shaymin given away at events, these Shaymin will be at level 50 in a Cherish Ball. They will know the moves Seed Flare, Aromatherapy, Energy Ball and Substitute, the moves Shaymin used in the eleventh movie. They will also have the Classic Ribbon which prevents them from being placed on the Global Trade Station.

Even though Shaymin was already given away in Japan, Oak's Letter can be downloaded via Wi-Fi by players of the Japanese Platinum from April 18-May 11. This Key item can then be used to access the Flower Paradise to capture a level 30 Shaymin.