Shiny Tapu Koko to be distributed in Japan

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To be available in-store, with online purchases, via 7-SPOT
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  • Friday, March 3, 2017

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Shiny Tapu Koko artwork

Codes to obtain a Shiny Tapu Koko at participating stores in Japan from March 17 to April 9, 2017. The codes can be redeemed from March 17 to May 31, 2017.

This Tapu Koko will be level 60, have the Ability Electric Surge, hold an Electric Seed, and know the moves Nature's Madness, Discharge, Agility and Electro Ball. Its original Trainer will be メレメレ Melemele and it will be in a Cherish Ball.

Tapu Koko cannot be obtained Shiny in the games, making this the only way to obtain it at present.

Obtaining the code

Codes will be available at participating Apita, Piago, ÆON, ÆON SUPERCENTER, ÆON STYLE, AEON Retail Stores, Ito-Yokado, EDION, Geo, Joshin Denki, TSUTAYA, Toys "R" Us, Nojima, Bic Camera, Fuji, Tay Two, Heiwado, Yamada Denki, Yodobashi Camera, WonderGOO, Pokémon Store, Pokémon Center, and nationwide 7-Eleven stores in Japan. For a full list of individual participating stores, see this document for stores other than TSUTAYA and 7-Eleven, and this page for TSUTAYA stores.

Codes will also be available with purchases from the online retailers and Rakuten books.

To obtain the code card, players have several options:

  • They can purchase Pokémon Sun or Moon at a participating retail store (except 7-Eleven), or Rakuten books. Players purchasing from or Rakuten books are advised to check the product page for particular instructions.
  • They can show the title screen of Pokémon Sun or Moon at a participating retail store (except 7-Eleven). The player can obtain one code for each title screen they show.
  • They can use 7-SPOT at 7-Eleven stores. Each Nintendo 3DS system can only obtain one code per day this way.

Due to only a limited number of codes being available, the availability of codes may end earlier than announced if all the codes are depleted. Each save file can only redeem one code for this distribution.