Shogakukan Asia to release new Pokémon manga series

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Be a Master!! Pokémon BW available in English for the first time
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  • Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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Be the Best! Pokémon B+W cover artwork

On their Facebook page, Shogakukan Asia has announced the addition of a new Pokémon title to their catalogue: Be a Master!! Pokémon BW, known as Be the Best! Pokémon B+W in their English translation. The manga, which consists of a single volume, will be launched at the Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention, which runs from September 6-7, 2014. It will be available in bookshops after the convention.

Be the Best! Pokémon B+W is a single-volume Pokémon manga series created by 勝見直人 Naoto Katsumi. It was the first manga to be released based on Pokémon Black and White Versions. Originally appearing in CoroCoro Comics magazine and in CoroCoro Comics Special, it was later published as a collected volume. Promoted as a "walkthrough comic", each chapter is an episodic entry into the journey of main character Monta. Each chapter is dedicated to explaining a different game mechanic, such as Abilities and Triple Battles.