Silhouettes revealed to be Rotom forms

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New types based on appliances
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  • Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Several retailers have shipped Pokémon Platinum before its Saturday release date, and game leaflets reveal the latest silhouettes to be alternate forms of Rotom. These forms are obtained by using the event-exclusive Secret Key item, which will be distributed in Japan via Wi-Fi and retail stores beginning September 28. Rotom will transform into one of five forms depending on where the player uses the item.

According to

Frost Rotom:

  • Resembles a refrigerator.
  • Can learn the move Blizzard.

Wash Rotom:

  • Resembles a washing machine.
  • Can use the move Hydro Pump.

Spin Rotom:

Cut Rotom:

  • Resembles a lawnmower.
  • Can learn the move Leaf Storm.

Heat Rotom:

  • Resembles an oven.
  • Can learn the move Overheat.

It should be noted that despite having visual characteristics of other types (Ice, Water, Flying, Grass and Fire, respectively), they share the original Rotom's Electric/Ghost typing. In contrast, their base stats are far higher than those of the original Rotom, to the point of being analogous to evolutions.