Singapore to have Pikachu distribution

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Pikachu with Light Ball to be given out
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  • Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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Maxsoft, the official distributor of Nintendo products in Singapore, has recently announced the wireless distribution of an event Pikachu to local players of the Black and White Versions (both English and Japanese). The distribution will run from May 11 to 20, and will mark the first time an event Pokémon is distributed in Singapore.

The event Pikachu will be holding a Light Ball and will know the moves Volt Tackle, Thunder, Grass Knot and Quick Attack. It is expected to be similar to the one distributed during the Pokémon Center Tohoku's Pikachu Festival (Japanese: ピカチュウまつり).

Pika Pika Carnival promotional poster

This distribution will be held in conjunction with the 'Pika Pika Carnival', an event co-organised by Maxsoft and The Pokémon Company. The event will feature merchandise from the Pokémon Center, a motion-sensor game, mini-games, and a photo taking session with Pikachu. The event is hosted by Isetan Singapore.

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