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Satoshi, Dent to battle Subway Masters in October

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Newtype has revealed the title for episode {{bp|BW051|51}} of ''{{bp|Best Wishes series|Pocket Monsters Best Wishes!}}'' last Thursday. The episode 「サトシ、デントVSサブウェイマスター!」 ''{{tt|Satoshi|Ash}}, {{tt|Dent|Cilan}} VS {{tt|Subway Masters|Subway Bosses}}!'' is to air on October 6, 2011.
''Pokémon {{tt|Sommelier|Connoiseur}} {{bp|Cilan|Dent}} participates in the Subway Stamp Rally while riding the underground railway and running throughout {{tt|Raimon City|Nimbasa City}} to collect stamps, since it is said that whoever collects the most stamps will have a chance to battle Subway Masters.''
''Meanwhile, Satoshi and {{bp|Ash's friends|his friends}} are sightseeing, and they find a lost {{bp|Axew (Pokémon)|Kibago}} (Axew) without any fangs. They decide to help look for its owner together.''

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