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Bulbagraphic:Sometimes, the franchise seems Jynxed

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I pressed her on this, and though she had a fairly accurate grasp of the series' battle mechanics (although she described them as "summoning monsters to perform magical spells in order to kill other monsters"), it quickly became apparent to me that most of her information was second-hand, and full of misconceptions, half-truths and outright falsehoods. Her beliefs, it seemed, were a remnant of the moral outrage Pokémon caused in some quarters when it arrived on the scene in the mid-90s.
[[File:Jynx original design.png|thumb|right|Jynx in the anime. [[EP250|This episode]] would be banned as a result.]]
One point of aggravation for many youths is the distrust many of their elders show towards new fads or phenomena. It seems that every new, popular thing that children enjoy will be eyed with suspicion or fear by concerned adults. Rock music, the ''Harry Potter'' book series, and even comic books have all been subject to this kind of treatment, with groups of parents and other authority figures banding together to try and put a stop to what they see as devices to corrupt the youth.
Not all controversy surrounding Pokémon relates to religion or seduction of the innocent. Infamously, the Pokémon Jynx was accused of being a racist caricature of African-Americans by Carol Boston Weatherford, who compared the Pokémon to Dragon Ball's Mr. Popo, a genie whose appearance has also often been criticized for being culturally insensitive.
[[File:Black White Lenora.png|right|thumb|150px|Lenora]]
This controversy ultimately caused Nintendo to change Jynx's skin color from black to purple. Even in the latest printings of the Pokémon Adventures manga, the shading of Jynx's skin has been lightened in order to avoid bringing back memories of the incident.

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