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May issue of CoroCoro magazine leaked

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Really not sure about this ice thing. And those are the regular cave entrances.
* White Kyurem is 3.6m, 325 kg. {{m|Ice Burn}} is its signature move.
* The game is set two years after {{game|Black and White|s}}.
* There have been many changes to the {{bp|Unova}} region. There appears to be an encroaching ice sheet or glacier, and theThe water in the area around the {{bp|Entralink}} has dried up. Many parts of the map are covered in ice, though it is unclear if this is an addition to the region or merely to cover up areas that are yet to be revealed.
** The northern and eastern parts of Unova haveare been coveredobscured by this ice, and {{bp|Opelucid City}} is just on the border of being covered.
** There appear to be cave entrances to the glacier.
** There are two new towns and at least one new route to the southwest.
** The road between {{bp|Castelia City}} and {{bp|Nimbasa City}} is complete.
** There is a section taken out of the side of the mountain in eastern Unova, and there are several buildings here.
** {{bp|Challenger's Cave}} has disappeared.
** The webbing that initially blocks the entrance to {{bp|Chargestone Cave}} is gone.
** The {{bp|Entralink}}'s moat is now dry, and the inner area has changed.
* 300 Pokémon (including the original 156 Unova Pokémon) are accessible.

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