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the from BW... part felt a bit too extra.
userlink=User:SnorlaxMonster |
tagline=Donamite arc titles revealed |
blurb=Eight more dub episode titles for ''Pokémon Black & White: Rival Destinies'' have been revealed. These episodes, fromthe 67th until the 74th episode of the season, will are at a BW067date tocurrently BW074unknown. }}
[[File:BW070.png|thumb|right|A screenshot from ''The Clubsplosion Begins!'']]
The 67th and 68th episodes are focused on Ash's Gym battle with the {{bp|Mistralton City}} {{bp|Gym Leader}} {{bp|Skyla}}. The 70th to 73rd episodes focus around the {{bp|Clubsplosion}} (''Donamite'' in the original Japanese version) tournament, which is similar to the {{bp|Club Battle}} tournament. It is currently unknown when these will air.

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