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blurb=Meloetta is now available for international versions of Pokédex 3D Pro with the keyword TTQALFHN. }}

{{catg|Pokédex 3D Pro}}
[[File:Meloetta Pokédex 3D Pro Pokédex for iOS art.jpg|250px|thumb|Meloetta]]
{{p|Meloetta}} is now available for international versions of {{bp|Pokédex 3D Pro}} with the keyword '''TTQALFHN'''. Meloetta is the last Pokémon introduced in Generation V or earlier to be made available in the game. Unlocking Meloetta will also add its {{bp|signature move}} {{m|Relic Song}} to the Move Dex.

This also marks the first official announcement of the keyword for unlocking Meloetta on international versions of {{bp|Pokédex for iOS}}, which is '''TCPBSDCR'''. However, this keyword had already been revealed for the Japanese versions in [ November last year], and had been found to work on international versions as well.

To unlock Meloetta in Pokédex 3D Pro, the player must create a quiz using the keyword, with the keyword of TTQALFHN, and complete the quiz. To unlock it in Pokédex for iOS the player needs to enter the password into the search field.

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