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Fiftieth volume of Pokémon Adventures to be released

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The fiftieth volume will be available in two different versions - a regular edition (ISBN 9784091417084) and a special limited edition (ISBN 9784091591852). The special limited edition will be bundled with a 64-page collection of colour illustrations. As cover artwork for neither version has been revealed yet, it is unknown if there will be any cover artwork differences.
On the same date, {{bp|Shogakukan}} will also be releasing a graphic novel collection of the manga [ {{bp|Pokémon - The Legend of the Dragon King]}} (ISBN 409141737X). This manga, created by 石井敬士 Takashi Ishii, is the first new manga series featuring characters from {{bp|Generation VI}}. It features the adventures of a Pokémon Trainer, Akira, and his Charizard.
Also due for release in March are the English translations of {{bp|Pokémon Adventures volume 45}} (ISBN 1421561786), released by {{bp|VIZ Media}} as volume three of their "Pokémon Adventures: Black & White" series; and {{bp|Pokémon Adventures volume 21}} (ISBN 1421535556), the latest volume of the {{bp|Ruby & Sapphire chapter (Adventures)|''Ruby & Sapphire'' chapter}} to be released by VIZ Media. Both volumes are scheduled for release on March 4, 2014.

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