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BREAKthrough available via Premium Collections

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blurb=BREAKthrough is now available in many retail stores via the Mega Blaziken-EX and Mega Swampert-EX Premium Collections. The set is not officially released until November 4, 2015, and comes with over 162 cards. Each PRemium Collection comes with two packs from the expansion. }}
*{{update|#10}}: Added Abomasnow, M Glalie-EX, and M Houndoom-EX Full Art thanks to [ Sinister Jigglypuff], Davie E. and Eric V.
*{{update|#11}}: Just two cards remaining thanks to Keith H., [ SpookuenShinobi], and [ The Charizard Authority]!
*{{update|#12}}: The final cards have been added thanks to J.J. B. and [ Pkmn Evolutionaries]. Thanks to everyone who sent in images!
==Card images==
|caption14=Spewpa 14/162
|caption15=Vivillon 15/162
|caption16=Skiddo 16/162
|caption159=M Mewtwo-EX 159/162
|caption160=M Mewtwo-EX 160/162
|caption161=Brigette 161/162

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