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"The Island of Pokémon" event announced for France

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tagline=On September 10, 2016 in Puteaux, France. |
blurb=A Pokémon event towill be held in Puteaux (Paris-La Défense, France) on September 10, 2016, with Puteaux islandIsland turned into a Pokémon village. }}
Organized by Pokémon fans, an event is organized on [ Puteaux islandIsland] (in {{wp|Puteaux}}, next to {{wp|La Défense|Paris-La Défense}}, France) on September 10, 2016.
The island itself will be turned into a big Pokémon village, featuring activities based on the {{bp|Pokémon TCGTrading Card Game}} and {{bp|Pokémon games|video games}}, a stage on which will be held a trivia, karaoke, cosplay contest, famous artists (names to be announced at a later date),and a {{bp|Pokémon GO}} hunt with multiple {{bp|PokéStop|PokéStops}}s and {{bp|Gym (GO)|gymsGyms}}. There will also be trivia, karaoke, a cosplay contest, and famous artists (names to be announced at a later date).
The event, is organized with the Puteaux city's support by Prime Productions, POP&GAME, the Neokan Gaming association and the online Pokémon communities ([ Pokémon France], [ Pokémon Trash], [ Pokégraph], [ Pokémon Espace] and Eternia),. It will be free for all visitors. Authorities will deploy safety measures to ensure the visitors' security. Minors can come to the event with an adult. Parking should be possible on the island. The tramway line 2 stop "Puteaux" and subway station "{{wp|Esplanade de La Défense (Paris Métro)|Esplanade de la Défense}}" are the nearest to the island.
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*[ The event's Facebook page]
Event's Facebook page:

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