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Collection Sun & Moon to contain Alolan Meowth, Grubbin

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Two of the first cards have been revealed for Japan's Collection Sun & Moon releasing Dec. 9, 2016. Alolan {{p|Meowth}} and {{p|Grubbin}} will both be featured in the expansion, which will make an English debut in 2017. The first cards revealed for the Sun & Moon Era were the four cards introduced in the [[CoroCoro reveals 'Pikachu's New Friends' promo cards|''Pikachu's New Friends'']] Blister Pack and the [[Snorlax-GX promo to be awarded as Sun & Moon pre-order bonus|Snorlax-GX promotional card]].
Alolan {{bp|regional variant}}s will be presented in the {{bp|Pokémon Trading Card Game}} under the name "Alolan <{{bp|Pokémon}}>", meaning a player can have up to four ''Alolan Meowth'' and four ''Meowth'' in their deck. They are considered separate Pokémon, thus cards interacting with {{TCG|Meowth}} will not interact with cards named '''Alolan Meowth'''. The different Alolan variants bring type interactions for certain Pokémon that haven't been seen since {{bp|Generation III}} and the introduction of the {{bp|Holon}} regional variant in {{TCG|EX Delta Species}}.

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