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Upcoming anime

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{{epi-jp|11|11|SM096|ロケット団とヌイコグマ!|{{tt|Rocket-dan|Team Rocket}} and {{tt|Nuikoguma|Stufful}}!}}
{{epi-jp|11|18|SM097|匠のフクスロー!!眠りのモクローzzz|{{tt|Fukuthrow|Dartrix}} the Artisan!! Sleeping {{tt|Mokuroh|Rowlet}} zzz|SM series logo}}
{{epi-jp|11|25|SM098|コンビ解散!?サトシとロトム|Splitting Up the Combination!? {{tt|Satoshi|Ash}} and Rotom|SM series logo}}
{{epi-jp|12|2|SM099|イーブイどこいくの?あのコに会いにどこまでも!|{{tt|Eievui|Eevee}}, Where Are You Going? To Go Anywhere to Meet Up!|SM series logo}}

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