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Upcoming anime

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{{epi-jp|4|28|SM119|超速のクワガノン!マーマネ覚醒!!|Super Fast {{tt|Kuwagannon|Vikavolt}}! The Awakening of {{tt|Māmane|Sophocles}}!!|SM series logo}}
{{epi-jp|5|5|SM120|スイレン、カイオーガを釣る!?|{{tt|Suiren|Lana}} Fishes a Kyogre!?|SM series logo}}
{{epi-jp|5|12|SM121|マオ奮闘!森のポケモンカフェ!!|{{tt|Mao|Mallow}}'s Valiant Effort! The Forest Pokémon Café!!|SM series logo}}
{{epi-jp|5|19|SM122|監視します!ロケット団アローラのすがた!!|You're Being Watched! {{tt|Rocket-dan|Team Rocket}}'s Alola Forms!!|SM series logo}}
{{epi-jp|5|26|SM123|Zワザを極めろ!灼熱のカキ合宿!!|Master the Z-Move! {{tt|Kaki|Kiawe}}'s Fierce Boot Camp!!|SM series logo}}
{{epi-jp|6|2|SM124|切れ味バツグン!カミツルギ見参!!|Perfect Sharpness! {{tt|Kamiturugi|Kartana}} has Arrived!!|SM series logo}}
{{epi-mv|Friday|July|12||JST|Mewtwo M22.png|M22|ミュウツーの逆襲 EVOLUTION|Mewtwo's Counterattack Evolution}}

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