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Current events

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article=SwordPokémon andMasters Shieldto newsbe announcedreleased during the Pokémonthis Directsummer |
tagline=Pokémon65 Directcharacters revealsat majorlaunch, newsmore forto thebe upcomingadded gameslater |
linktarget=Sword_and_Shield_news_announced_during_the_Pokémon_DirectPokémon_Masters_to_be_released_this_summer |
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blurb=OnThe Wednesdayupcoming Junefreemium 5thmobile agame Pokémon DirectMasters revealedwill newsbe pertainingreleased toin PokémonNorth SwordHemisphere andsummer Shield2019 includingfor newiOS Pokémon,and theAndroid. championThe ofgame thewill Galarfeature region, the Professorpairs of the region,Trainers and a new phenomena called Dynamax where Pokémon canfacing grow to massive size andoff gainin great3-vs-3 powerbattles.
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==Older articles==
* June 10: [[Sword and Shield news announced during the Pokémon Direct]]
* May 30: [[Tokyo’s Pokémon 2019 Press Conference announces a wealth of new information]]
* May 27: [[Two new Pokémon presentations announced]]
* October 1: [[Pokémon GO Safari Zone Event announced for Taiwan]]
* September 26: [[Beldum announced for October Pokémon GO Community Day]]
* September 25: [[Meltan announced as a new Mythical Pokémon]]

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