Special anime episode announced for Oct. 3

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Cilan, Brock will be in Johto
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  • Saturday, September 7, 2013
  • Reported on Bulbanews by G50
    Originally reported in Animage magazine

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A special anime episode has been unveiled in Newtype Magazine. 「デントとタケシ!ギャラドスのげきりん!!」 Dent and Takeshi! Gyarados's Imperial Rage!! is scheduled to air Oct. 3, 2013.


Having parted with Ash and Iris, Cilan arrives in the Johto Region together with Pansage. He goes fishing in a lake, hooking up a Gyarados, and quickly tries to catch it. However, as well as losing the battle, Pansage ends up suffering a lot of damage.

A week before the Pocket Monsters XY series premieres on Oct. 17, there will be a special that airs on Oct. 10. It has a tentative title of XY Anime Pre-Premiere Special!! The details regarding it are unknown at this time.

A similar special program, We Can't Wait Any Longer! Pokemon BW Pre-Premiere Special!! aired three years ago on September 16, 2010, where the cast of Smash! were shown animated, and showcased footage from the then unreleased Pokémon Black and White games and anime series.

Thanks to bluesun for the translations.