TPCi files lawsuit against popular magazine publisher

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Beckett Media sued due to copyright claim
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  • Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Issue #106 of Beckett's magazine

On July 16, The Pokémon Company International filed a lawsuit against Beckett Media for both the use of Pokémon images in their magazine and the selling of individual Pokémon cards. TPCi argues that Beckett's use of Pokémon images in their magazine, Beckett Pokémon Unofficial Collector, violates the copyrights that they own. The company also claims that Beckett "receives a commission [...] from each sale transacted through the Beckett Marketplace", including selling Pokémon cards.

Beckett Media was in hot water with TPCi/PUSA both in late 2007 and mid to late 2009, when the overseas distributor told Beckett to remove any media, which did not happen in either case.

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