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Talk:Entirety of Dragon Blast, Dragon Blade posted

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About the Ninjask translation, the Japanese text from here :

テッカニン HP60

特性 からぬけ



草無 つじぎり 60


弱点炎 逃げる1

From Google Translation, the ability says that you "then shuffle your deck" そして山札を切る。 , so it looks like you don't take Shedinja from the discard pile but from the deck. - unsigned comment from Zarmakuizz (talkcontribs)

Order of cards

Is it possible to rearrange the cards base off of number in the set (like 1/108, 2/108) or is it already like that? Mpcamel1729 13:42, 16 March 2012 (UTC)