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Strange wording

For some reason, it seems like a few of the sentences read a bit strangely in this article. The ones I noticed were:

1. At the end of newest Best Wishes series episode, there was an extended preview showing Brock meeting Cilan, Iris and Clair battling, and new Pocket Monsters XY scenes.

It seems like the word "the" should be inserted so as to form the statement "At the end of the newest Best Wishes series episode" followed by the rest of the sentence as is.

2. In the new scenes Pocket Monster XY scenes, Froakie, Ash has Pikachu use Quick Attack against an unknown opponent.

I think one usage of the word "scenes" is unnecessary here; either "In the new scenes of Pocket Monsters XY" or "In the new Pocket Monsters XY scenes" would seem like better phrasings, in my opinion. Also, regardless of which phrasing is used, I think the term "Pocket Monster XY" in this sentence needs the letter "S" appended to the word "Monster", since the XY anime series is being referred to as a whole, rather than a specific 'Pocket Monster/Pokémon' itself.

Additionally, the word 'Froakie' looks oddly placed in the sentence. I'm assuming that the sentence is meant to indicate that Froakie is/was present in the anime preview as well (in addition to Ash, Ash's Pikachu, etc.), so I'd suggest the rephrasing of "In the new scenes of Pocket Monsters XY, Froakie appears, and Ash has Pikachu use Quick Attack against an unknown opponent.

To whichever editor(s) alter(s) the page, thanks for taking this input into consideration. Fenyx4 (talk) 20:59, 22 August 2013 (UTC)