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Talk:Looking Forward: 3:10 to Hoenn

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"...and to this day, it still remains the most controversial era to this day on message boards." Redundant sentence is redundantly redundant. - unsigned comment from Sidnoea (talkcontribs)

Remakes = CamelCase

FireRed. LeafGreen. HeartGold. SoulSilver. Not Fire Red, Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Soul Silver. Also. Lead Green in there somewhere. TTEchidna 23:57, 25 August 2010 (UTC)


I seriously want Gen III remakes--Darknesslover5000 00:08, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

Someone Agrees (plus typos)

This is what I've been saying since Black and White were revealed. Honestly, I think if they keep the connectivity, all will be better than it was. (Also, they didn't really return to simplistic designs in Generation IV. If anything, they got more complicated.)

Okay, typo time. Only this sentence, actually: "Sales slumped as the franchise’s hay day (should be "heyday") died out, many fans left the franchise for one reason or another, and to this day, it still remains the most controversial era to this day on message boards." ~Sadistic Blaziken

HELLO! WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING? Also, I can't be the only one thinking this will be a whole new start for the franchise. Giratina's Embodiment 04:03, 26 August 2010 (UTC)
...What the hell did you just say? "WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING?" What does that mean, and what does it have to do with the topic? ~Sadistic Blaziken

Gen 3 Controversial? Gen 3 didn't sell?

I only see people say that on here, Gen 3 was a top seller for its time? Where are you getting these statistics? Everyone didnt hate gen 3 and I have alot of friends on alot of boards that state otherwise, and I dont understand what the problem is with the writers here with Gen 3, but its always superficial, Complicated designs? Most of us are adults, and the kids dont complain about "complicated designs", little boys LOVED the fact that Pokemon were finally looking "cool" I like the fact that pokemon are more proportional now, I love the inclusion of baby pokemon, and from what Iv seen Gen 5 is going to be a spectacular addition to the franchise. And it doesnt really matter whats written here anyway, this games pre-order sales more than make up for any negative reaction from people around my age who are still nostalgic about something they cant control, and shouldnt want to, its not even directed at us.

FYI: Its the internet, Typos are allowed. - unsigned comment from PokeExtreme (talkcontribs)

...First, you didn't sign your post. Second, in an article or column, there shouldn't be typos. Third....
What are you saying? Your grammar and spelling is so bad that I can't tell if you're against or for Generation III. The funny thing is, that's not even the topic of the column. Do you mean that you only see people here saying that it didn't sell, or that it did and you don't agree? ~Sadistic Blaziken
No you suck, and so what its the internet. Maybe if you weren't sitting in your grandmother's basement editing articles on a POKEMON(children;s video-game) website, then you wouldn't have time to judge other people, my post was substantial, unlike this one. I love how nobody replied to what I was talking about, just the typos and lack of signature. My point was that I only see people write that on two or three forums, and mostly here. Real world people loved Gen 3, maybe not the 30+ year olds still playing children's games, but those of us who actually GREW UP with them. And FYI: Its not an article, its a post on a website directed at children's games and cartoons, not a Cancer publication. - unsigned comment from PokeExtreme (talkcontribs)
OK, no matter where you are, if you are writing something down with the intention of having other people read it, it's always good for them to actually be able to read it. And reducing yourself to pathetic insults like that is not a very good way to go either. If your posts are challenging other people, chances are that people will return it in self-defense. 30-year-old people are real and they are just as able to play games as children are. I personally admire people that are older yet still have time to have fun. And FYI: It is an article, an article on a website directed at children's games and cartoons, not a Cancer publication, but still an article. Pokemonguy1 (My talk page)
This line of discussion is closed. —darklordtrom 06:59, 2 September 2010 (UTC)

I don't get it

I know one of the biggest things people hate about R+S is the lack of cohesion with the previous games, but surely the games achieved their goal: progress. I know that the fact that Ruby was the first Pokémon game I owned means that my frame of reference to the previous games may be flawed as I never experienced the frustration of not being able to transfer old, beloved Pokémon, but the new features of the first titles of Generation III completely changed the games (for the better, in my opinion).

You can almost compare it to the evolution of a Pokémon: although evolution may mean the Pokémon can no longer naturally learn certain moves (similar to the series' evolution removing some features of R+S), the result is something that is ultimately stronger. Then there are various avenues that can be taken to teach the Pokémon the moves it had lost the ability to learn, which are comparable to the release of Emerald, by which time the concerns of disappointed R+S players had been taken on board and something had been done about them in the new game (for example, the ability to once again catch every single Pokémon until that date).

Finally, as an excited kid in 2003 who had just bought a copy of Ruby - my very first Pokémon game! - I didn't care that there were big changes in the new games from the previous generations. I just cared because I loved the gameplay and (again, controversially) the storyline. Plus Groudon looked unbelievably cool. Zizzimay 12:02, 26 August 2010 (UTC)

It was not malicious intent

Trading between R/B/Y, G/S/C and Ru/Sa/Em was not left out maliciously, or forgotten, or anything like that. They HAD to leave it out for technical reasons. The GBA communications hardware is incompatible with previous GB iterations. When they made the new hardware communication protocols were greatly expanded, features such as Bi-Directional transmission, multiple nodes, and much faster throughput. This also meant that legacy support was only supported on legacy games, and only with a special cable. GBA games cannot use the legacy cable/support so there was literally no way for it to communicate with previous games. This would have occurred with the DS as well, had it not been for the expansion port being able to read data from the GBA games. It frustrates me (and I am sure Gamefreak) when people go on and on about how bad this was. It was not their fault, it was a limitation of the technology. RyogaWanderer

But it is still a sticking point with the games. Yes, it's not something they could help, but that doesn't somehow mean we shouldn't be disappointed by it. ~ BlueJoshi 19:53, 30 August 2010 (UTC)

So is there or not?

So is there gonna be a remake or not? I don't get it, please tell me! - unsigned comment from jordanice42 (talkcontribs)

We don't know. We might get one of RSE and/or a reremake of RGB. Turtwig A 00:06, 1 September 2010 (UTC)
I don't think they should make another remake of RGB because they remade it in every generation so far, 1:RGBY 2:GSC 3:FRLG 4:HGSS 5:??? - unsigned comment from Jordanice42 (talkcontribs)
There are points for and against; this isn't the place to be discussing them. —darklordtrom 06:59, 2 September 2010 (UTC)


"even if we would later be able to catch them all when Colosseum, Fire Red, and Lead Green came around." - Lead Green, can't say I've heard of that game :) Pokemonguy1


Ruby JP boxart.png and Sapphire JP boxart.png - Now what to do with that red link? There is only one, when the Japanese covers for Ruby and Sapphire were one file, it seems. Marked +-+-+ (talk) 11:29, 12 July 2012 (UTC)

Picked one of the games to fill that slot. --SnorlaxMonster 13:32, 13 July 2012 (UTC)