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Ancient Pokemon

I just finished a Historical Geology class, and I had a feeling Lileep and Cradily were based on crinoids. Thanks for confirming it!

Next, could you confirm my suspicions about Anorith and Armaldo being based on Eurypterids? I mean, i know the species page on Bulbapedia says something else, but the pokedex entries from Emerald and from the Sinnoh-based games all make references to Anorith as being a seagoing Pokemon which transitions to life on land when it evolves into Armaldo. This fits right in with the Eurypterids being some of the very first sea animals to venture onto dry land. Plus, found a small aquatic arthropod hiding under a rock in a river on a recent vacation which had a head exactly like that of a Eurypterid and had the twin-spiked tail and feathery fins seen on Anorith.