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$15,000 raised and still going
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  • Saturday, March 19, 2011

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Gaming marathon group TheSpeedGamers has reached its $15,000 target after completing a 72-hour "Catch 'em All Classic" marathon for charity.

Last weekend, after 72 long hours of catching, the Texas-based group reached their collection total of the first 251 Pokémon. Despite having caught 250 of the Pokémon hours before the deadline, the final Pokémon, Celebi, caused some trouble with mistakes in the glitch that needed to be performed. They finished with roughly an hour left on their timer. The ChipIn donator, as of time of writing, is still accepting donations and will do so until 12am PST.

The "Catch 'em All Classic" marathon was an attempt to legitimately catch all 251 Pokémon available in the first two generations in 72 hours. Two exceptions were made: Mew and Celebi can only be obtained using in-game glitches. The marathon, which ran from March 11 to March 14, used Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver. All proceeds went to ALSA (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

The game cartridge with all 251 Pokémon loaded on will be auctioned later in the year with those proceeds going to charity as well.

This was the third Pokémon marathon held by TheSpeedGamers, who have been gaming for charity for three years.

All TheSpeedGamers had to say was "Thank you all for an amazing marathon!"

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