The 'Pokémon Day Chile 2013'

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'Pikachu 3DS XL' for Chile, 'Pokémon South American Challenge' announced
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  • Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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'Pokémon Day Chile 2013'
'Pokémon Day Chile 2013'

Last weekend, the biggest Pokémon event in South America was arranged in Chile, with more than 2000 people assisting the event. Along with the local organizers, it was also supported by the main distributor of Nintendo in the country.

The event included cosplay, a huge show of community projects, a lot of Pokémon stores and the biggest fan-made Pokémon tournament in Chile with more than 250 participants and a TCG tournament with 54 people, arranged by Devir. The distributor brought two official Nintendo CTR-streaming devices for Pokémon Black and White Versions 2 tournament, arranged by the fans.

Three announcements were also made by Nintendo:

  • A Meloetta distribution event was announced for two local video game stores, available in March.
  • The special limited edition 'Pikachu 3DS XL' was announced for Chile; to be released in March. It is now available for the pre-order for $159.990.
  • A "Pokémon South American Challenge" was announced for next year.