This week in Japan: August 14 - August 21, 2005

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  • Sunday, August 21, 2005

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Pokémon XD strategy guide in stores September 1

(Source: Pokeani)

This should help settle all the unsatisfied fans wanting more hidden secrets in XD in the post-game, if they do indeed exist at all. Books come in the Wonderlife Special Official Nintendo Edition and the Nintendo Dream Edition.

Trivia challenge at Pokémon Card homepage

(Source: Pokeani)

At the Pokémon Card homepage, Miyashita from PCL (Pokemon Card Labs) will be issuing difficult challenges on the web for people to solve. Thirty winners will be drawn from the correct submissions, receiving a special badge. Currently up is challenge #21.

More information:
Pokémon Card challenge page

Pokémon TCG World Tour 2005 is here again!

(Source: Pokeani)

The Pokémon TCG World Tour (championship) 2005 was held in San Diego, California, USA, the weekend of August 20.

GBA Micro launches September 13

(Source: Pokeani)

Confirmed price to be 12,000 yen, so via current exchange rates that equates to roughly $110 USD. September 13 is an intended launch date to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Nintendo's very first launch of Mario Bros. on the NES, which was also launched on September 13 in the 1980s. Simultaneously launching will be Mario Tennis Advance, Doctor Mario & Panel-Pon, and Super Mario Bros. NES Classic for the GBA. The Micro will come in silver, purple, black, blue, and NES Classic colours, and also comes with a special carrying case. The faceplate that was mentioned prior will not be ready for purchase as of yet. Please note, GBA accessories like link cables, wireless adapters, e-card readers and other peripherals will NOT be compatible with the GBM, and players will need to purchase specialized accessories for the GBM. When connecting the GBM to the GBA or GBA-SP, one will need to obtain the OXY-008 cable.

US GBM launch info revealed

(Source: Pokeani)

Contrary to the above conversion rate, the desired price for the GBM in the United States is $99.99 USD, retailing on September 19. Colours will be black and silver. Face plates will come specialized for the GBM; the black one will have "flame", "camoflauge", and "silver" designs, the silver GBM will have "ammonite"-, "ladybug"-, and "black"-designed plates. It will launch in Europe for 99.99 Euros on November 4. Colours will be silver, blue, pink, and green. Faceplate designs for Europe are still unclear.