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This week in Japan: October 1 - 8, 2005

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  • Saturday, October 8, 2005

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New Pokémon to join Team Rocket

(Source: Pokeani)

Last weekend's Pokémon Sunday confirmed that in the next AG episode, Manene Enters! Mansion of Rest!, Team Rocket will obtain a new Pokémon, Manene, which is seen dancing with them in the opening theme.

Concept art for eighth movie available online

(Source: Pokeani)

In the Seasonal Mania Corner of the GameFreak Web site, new artwork by artist Ken Sugimori is available for the eighth movie, Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero: Lucario. Pokémon AG concept art is also available. This artwork will only be up for a limited time.

More Dungeon of Mystery details revealed

(Source: Pokeani)

According to the October CoroCoro, there are more details regarding these titles.

  • The main character understands Pokémon speech since he has become one
  • Your rescue team has a "rank," and as you succeed in more missions, more powerful rivals appear
  • You can battle with your set of four memorized moves and your items
  • Your moves have set usage limits (PP), and a certain radius/area of effect
  • When on a mission, if you, any one of your teammates, or the client/contractor faints (HP= 0), you are returned to the dungeon entrance, you lose your money, and lose items at random

Unconfirmed information includes:

  • There is a weather system that affects battles and dungeons
  • When you fail a mission, your rank also goes down
  • The Chikorita that joins your team is a female

At the sample play area at the Nintendo DS Conference 2005, the following Pokémon were playable:

However, please note this was a development version and this may change for the final release. Also, you could form a team of up to four members.

More information:

Pokémon edition Game Boy Micro launching Nov. 17

(Source: Pokeani)

Pokémon Center original design Game Boy Micro Pokémon design is releasing on Nov. 17 in Metallic Red and Black presentation with a Pikachu silhouette on the front plate. This will only be available at Japanese Pokémon Center locations, probably including the center's Web site.

More information: